Senin, 29 Juni 2015


On my vacation on , I noticed people around me .. a lot busier with gadgets than enjoying the natural beauty...Or talking each other... a lot of them are busy taking pictures with mobile phone texting msg and manythings..
A group of friends in a park busy with mobile phones : Stock Photo

Active in social media is not wrong.. but note also our surroundings, You don't want it If you un follow from real life?

We all know shooting a cell phone in a restaurant can drew as many stares as a mouse running through the dinning room, but what about the transgressions we may be oblivious to?

* Don't Answer
a telephone call with an e mail. Or text message from whats up BBM , Facebook. In the communication hierarchy, you generally want to match the level of intimacy or move up the hierarchy - a move down can look like you're avoiding the person

*Do Ask
Before you post pictures from a party, wheter anyone minds having them on Facebook, twiter instagram. If someone on social media shy safe any photos of her for your non facebook albums.

*Don't Text
At the movie theater, or in restaurant no matter how strong the urge to LOL. If you're perpetually rattled by the glowing phone screens of others texting during movies,

*Do Embrace
Text or email a digital snapshot of you enjoying the present to the gift giver. Because nothing says thank you like photographic evidence

* Don't respond to a long thoughtful email merely with "Thx". Thx will not make people look kindly on you- in their eyes.  Oh i know it but i always do in facebook comment ... just give thumbs for that comment ewhh.. thats bad side of me..

I put my gadget on the table 
then sorry late respond on your msg

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